Class Descriptions

Little Flyers: For ages 7 through 10.  Students work on foundational skills on Trapeze, Silk and Lyra.  Students will gain confidence, strength and ability.  Perform if you are ready!  
Youth Trapeze: Gain grip strength and increase core strength through practicing the basics of trapeze.  Ages 7 through 12
Youth Silks Level 1:  Learn the basics of silks technique, climbs, foot locks and tricks.  Age 7 to 12.  Prepare an entire dance piece with your instructor and group for the end of semester performance.  
Youth Silks Level 2: Improve upon strength and move on to more advanced tricks, drops and sequences.  Learn choreography and perform at the end of the semester.    

Trapeze Level 1: 
Learn basic technique for basic trapeze poses such as catchers, planche and knee hangs. Gain strength and proper body alignment. 
Trapeze Level 2: Learn roll ups, drops and single knee hangs and sequences using intermediate upper body strength and flexibility.  Successful completion of level 1 skills check required to enter level 2.    
Trapeze Level 3: Link up your moves with transitions and work on advanced level tricks that use advanced strength and technique.  Successful completion of level 2 skills check required to enter level 3.    

Pole Level 1:  No experience necessary. Get a full body workout that teaches the fundamentals of pole. Introduces grips, poses and movement. Feel empowered. 
Pole Level 2: Increase your strength, stamina and flexibility in this class.  Must be able to comfortably invert, feel comfortable in skin holds (i.e, climbs, sits, and leg hangs) as well as have knowledge of terminology and grip holds.  Successful completion of level 1 skills check required to enter level 2.    
Pole Flow Basic: Gain flow and fluidity.  Learn how to create a dance partnership with your pole.  Captivate your audience with spins, transitions and dance.  Expand your grace in movement from pole to floorwork.  This is a dance intensive class.  Knowledge of tricks will benefit, some instruction on tricks will be given.  All levels welcome! 
Pole Flow Advanced: For students level 2 and up.  See the description for Pole Flow Basic.  

Lyra Level 1: 
Learn basics of lyra technique such as knee hangs, beginner tricks and sequences while building strength and confidence.  Lyra is a great intro to aerial arts.  This class is suggested for learners who are working to build core and upper body strength.  Learn foundations of movement and practice spinning.  
Lyra Level 2: Successful completion of Level 1 skills check required to enter level 2.  Focus on building routines with intermediate level moves such as candlestick, amazon, and moves from a single knee hang.  Gain a mastery of transitional moves to connect top and bottom bar, such as crescent moon, beauty roll and fancy climb.  Successful completion of level 1 skills check required to enter level 2.       
Lyra Level 3: Hone in on moves that require advanced strength, proper body alignment and flexibility.  Work on back balances, meat hooks, single hand grip movements, toe and heel hangs.  Perfect your dance technique and flow your transitions through the hoop. Set your own choreography and get ready to perform! 

Level 1 Silks: 
For first time silks students. This class will focus on foundational skills, suitable for beginners. Basics of foot locks, climbs, and beginning inversions will be explored. (Same class is also offered on Tuesdays and Fridays) 
Level 2a Silks: For students who can do a basic foot lock and are working on double footlocks.  Students must feel comfortable climbing French and Russian styles.  This class will work on flamenco grab, hip key, and other foundational elements while building strength and technique.  Successful completion of level 1 skills check required to enter level 2.      
Level 2b Silks: This class focuses on getting confident with the skills learned in 2a and introduces more complex versions and additional sequences to add to the knowledge base formulated in silks 2a. You must have taken silks 2a or have instructor approval to join 2b. Check before enrolling
Level 3 Silks: This is the most advanced silks class in which students will learn wheel downs, helicopter technique and work to incorporate drops in routines.  Students must pass a Silks Level 2 Skills Check before enrolling.  

Contortion Classes: In this instruction based class, learn how to safely tie yourself into a pretzel! Laura Sutton traveled with Ringling Brothers and learned the art of contortion from Mongolian contortionists. Focus is placed on proper body alignment and injury prevention.

Aerial Conditioning: The best workout offered at Flagstaff Aerial Arts.  This is a circuit training class using Trapeze, Silks, Aerial Hoop, Pole and floor conditioning that will guarantee to improve strength and endurance for aerial arts.  Focus is placed on proper alignment and aerial injury prevention.  Great for students who don't feel strong enough to try aerial, athletes from other disciplines for cross-training, and of course, the best class for aerialists who want to improve their form and stamina.  

#YouBetter Work: Want more from your workout? In this fast paced class, students will be guided through an advanced workout focusing on core strength, upper body strength and stamina.

Aerial Choreography: As a performance art, aerial dance provides a unique form of expression, capable of powerful and inspirational art. Students registering for this class are asked to have sufficient experience and comfort on aerial apparatuses to serve as the foundation for communicating complex ideas through movement. Aerial Choreography will explore methods and modalities of creating choreography through key foundations such as developing storyline, using improvisational movement and finding themes and patterns. 

Beginner Aerial: This class is for students wishing to join a level 1 class but who do not have any prior experience.  This is a great class for students who have missed class and need to make up their class.   Silks, Lyra and Trapeze basics will all be covered in this class.  It's a great time to find out what aerial apparatus you enjoy most!