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Avery joined Circus Juventas in Minnesota in the summer of 2005 at the age of 11, and immediately fell in love with circus performing. She has trained under world-renowned coaches and performers on a variety of apparatuses. Over the ten years of training and performing, she learned twenty different apparatuses, and performed seventeen, including Spanish Web, Single Point Dance Trapeze, Silks, Duo Trapeze, Hand-Balance, Spinning Cube and Triple Trapeze. With Circus Juventas, she worked on seven contemporary circus productions as both a character performer and an aerialist. Avery was also a member of a triple trapeze team that competed in a 2010 Circus Festival in Sweden, where her team took home first place in their age category. An instructor as well as a performer, Avery first began coaching as a 14-year old student, learning how to teach alongside coaches from countries and companies around the world. Avery emphasizes technique and form in her coaching and performing, and now loves teaching as much as she loves being on stage herself.