STEVEN SANTOS (yes the aerial rigging expert Steven Santos!) is coming to our studio! He will be hosting all sorts of workshops for you to learn how to be safer with your in studio and at home aerial training! Learn how to spot good vs bad rigging, learn how to rig safely, learn the best knots for rigging, and so much more! Come meet the man who wrote the rigging books the aerial industry uses as a standard for rigging practices! 

Learn more from one of the foremost voices in aerial safety


Circus Fabrication for Welders $25 7/13 @ 6pm

A discussion of the particulars of fabrication for the circus arts with Steven Santos author of several books on aerial rigging.  $25

This workshop will be off site and at a fabrication shop in Flagstaff, AZ.

Fitchett Fabrication and Auto Repair with Divine Art Creations:

305 E Empire Ave, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

Aerial Rigging Part 1 $85 or $120 for part 1 and 2 7/14 @ 9am-1pm

Learn the basics of aerial rigging with the man who literally wrote the book! Topics will include rigging of fabrics and bar apparatus.

Knots and Splices $30 7/14 @3pm

Learn useful knot tying and splicing techniques for aerial and beyond.

Aerial Rigging Part 2 $85 or $120 for part 1 and 2 7/15 @ 9am-1pm

Topics will include more advanced issues in bar and fabric apparatus, bungee, novel apparatus and more.

YouTube and Your Training $25 7/15 @ 2:30pm

Learn how to break down a skill from a video. Participants will bring videos of skills they would like to explore and using real examples we will discover how to analyze and re-create those skills.

While it is true in an ideal world people should always learn skills with hands on guidance - in reality most of us are tempted to learn skills we do not readily have accessible instruction to gain. This is how to do that in the safest way possible. 

Training with a Spotting Harness $35 7/16 @ 6:30-8pm

Come learn how to properly use and set up a spotting harness. Come see the many different applications a spotting harness can be used for whether its aerial training or acro training.

Balance and Handstands $40 7/18 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm

Balance and Handstands workshops with Steve Santos. Steve has been working with aerialists and acrobats in the industry for over a decade and is going to share his tips and secrets for better handstands and balance skills.