Steps to Register for a Membership Using the MindBody App
1)  Log into your MindBody account on your mobile device or tablet.  
2) Find Flagstaff Aerial Arts via the search option or in your favorites
3) Click on the "shopping cart"/pricing option
4) Select Adult Aerial Classes or 90 min classes
5) Select the One Class per a week option  
6) Follow the prompts for payment
7) If taking more than one class per a week you will have to add in the Multiple class per a week add in option separately if purchasing through the app. Go back to shopping cart/pricing option and select the add on option and follow the payment prompts. Do this for each class over 1 per week you want to take.
8) After payment you can go back to the main menu screen of the FAA MindBody App and schedule your classes by clicking on the Calendar/Schedule button.

Steps to Register for a Membership Using a Web Browser
1)  Create an account (or log in with an existing one).   
2) Click on the Online Store tab located in the upper right hand corner.  
3) Select Series and Memberships on the secondary menu below My Info.
4) Select Adult Aerial Classes in the drop down and then select One Class per Week - Summer.                                                                                                                               5) If taking more than one class per a week you will have to add in the Multiple Class per Week Add On to your cart by going back to the Series and Memberships Tab and selecting the option from the adult aerial drop down menu for the number of classes per a week over 1 you plan on taking. **If you are taking a 90 min class you need to click on the products tab and add the $75 Elongated class fee for each 90 min class you are taking to your cart before checking out.**
6) Follow the payment prompts to purchase your summer classes
7) Click on the Classes tab and find the first date of your class.  (date range: 6/4-8/27)   
8) Click on Sign Up Now.  This will bring you to the Make a Reservation page.  
9) On the right hand side, you will need to make a reservation for 15 weeks.  
FYI Double check your start date and end date. The total number of reservations should be 15.  
10) Click on Make a Recurring Reservation.