Winter Student Showcase
Sunday, December 17th

Youth Showcase 2 — 4p.m. Sunday, call time/doors 1:00pm

Adult Showcase 6 — 8p.m. Sunday, call time 5p.m., Doors 5:30p.m.

Parking for the Student Showcases
Please park in the Emergency Vet/ ETM parking lot just East of Flagstaff Aerial Arts.  Thank you! 

Rehearsal Date: Saturday December 9th
Youth 11:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.
Adult1:00 p.m. — 3:00 p.m.

Student Costumes/Preparation
Unless you have planned a costume with your class or instructor, please wear form fitting leggings and a form fitting shirt of your choice.  Bring a water bottle, a snack and if you want to wear makeup, please come ready to perform.  We will have limited time, so arrive on time and prepared.  For questions, call Joanie at (970) 560-9485.  Thank you! 

Student Showcase Guidelines

  1. Students are not required to perform in the student showcases.  Students that opt out of performing may be asked to follow the class in learning choreography for the student showcase, if the class is learning a group piece.  

  2. Students must decide 6 weeks out from the showcase if they are going to perform.  Students performing in the showcase need to sign up so that we can track the participants.  Signing up to perform is mandatory. 

  3. Students who would like to do a solo in the student showcase will audition their piece.  Please contact us to schedule a solo audition.  We reserve 4 spots for student solos in each showcase (youth and adult).  All other performance pieces are group numbers.  Use the button above to register for auditions.  

  4. The Adult Student Showcase needs to contain family friendly content only. Your song may not contain any reference to drugs, alcohol, sexual innuendo or explicit language.  All songs are subject to review by FAA Director and Staff.

  5. Please wear appropriate clothing for your apparatus. Costumes may not be revealing in the chest or buttocks. Clothing of any sort may not be removed at the start of or during the performance piece. Clothing may not have inappropriate graphics or text. Ask yourself: “Is this appropriate to wear in front of my family?”

  6. If your song is not on spotify, it needs to be sent to in mp3 format.